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Maty Fowler is a system analyst and a hardware engineer. He has been in the business of repairing and reworking computers for over 20years. Along the line in his business, he has learnt programming and software building. He helps companies buy and assemble their computer systems and networks. He troubleshoots problems and proffer solutions to complex networking issues.

He is a contract IT engineer for most companies in Urban and sub-urban regions of Calcutta in Ohio. Matty takes pride in writing for the web, training and educating others to speed up and improve their trade and craft. Some of the articles he has written includes ‘How to activate Malwarebytes and Anti-malware.’ ‘Choosing your best IT gadget.’ And ‘Troubleshooting tips for computer networking.’

We would like to hear from you. What other solutions have you discovered in reinstalling your Windows without loosing your data? Share with us how these solutions have worked for you also. We’ll be glad to receive your questions on any Windows issues or troubleshooting problems you might encounter in your software and hardware installations. Contact us via mail on [email protected]

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